Art painted in lyric and melody's avatar

Art painted in lyric and melody

 From the vndlmag editorial & interview with jonatanmejia, hadrielgonzalez, and Chris Vongsawat ( Wearing Daniel Palillo and Chromat. Issue 4 

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Pencey clad polaroid moment with Jonatan Mejia &  Hadriel Gonzalez chez Chris Vongsawat, hair by Errol Karadag.

No one cares unless you’re famous, I just roam counting paces. Jonatan Mejia’s eye for this fairytale like Carlos Luna dress.

Writing my wrongs.

Details by thee artist @moisesartnyc. (IG)

Details by thee artist @moisesartnyc. (IG)

Home. Personal. 

It is insane to me that everywhere you find black people in history, minding their own business…living off the land….we’ve been invaded, colonized, enslaved (which I’m starting to gather proves it is NOT our nature to be criminals as the local news might have you think), denied civil rights, then you have generations who are full of all these complex emotions & don’t know so much teaching the next…this is part of the black experience everywhere. We need to realize we are one. Truly. Yes, there is only one race - the human race. Until we actually get there globally, we need to see ourselves in each other. I think that’s a start.